About Your Contributors, Part One

Micaela Blei is a first-year doctoral student in the Educational Theatre program at NYU.

She has taught drama and improvisation for 15 years. Ms. Blei was the curriculum director, as well as a teaching artist and performer, for the Striking Viking Story Pirates, a critically acclaimed children’s theater company, from 2006-2009. She wrote and performed a solo performance for children, entitled “City of Islands,” at the Tank Theater in 2004. She is also currently the artistic director of Calhoun Summer Theater, a program in devised theater for ages 8-11.
Ms. Blei’s research interests include theories of narrative intelligence (the role of story structures in cognition), uses of theater and drama in history curriculum, and storytelling as a tool for community-building/social change.

Ms. Blei enjoys bicycling, baking and musical improv.

She is so excited to be involved in this Forum!