The Forum began with an electric discussion by a dynamic panel of TYA practitioners and scholars. It would be a disservice to try and sum up a discussion of such magnitude as this one was, but we are definitely off to a great start. Topics up for consideration were the types of work being generated for young audiences, new work and adaptations, the origins of intention of TYA work, and the "new spirit in the land... a new movement of change... a kind of reawakening", Tony Graham put it, that is propelling the field forward into new and interesting formats.

Now, a few hours into the second day, we are seeing and hearing those ideas come alive in the presentations and panels. I have also heard the phrases "pushing the boundaries" and the idea of "utopia" in theatre.

There has also been a lot of talk and consideration of theater BY Children. As someone who works with young playwrights this is buzz is very exciting!

More excitement to come this afternoon!

Below is a photo of the opening panel from the back of the house.