The Power of TYA

We are gearing up the opening of the NYU Forum on Theatre for Young Audiences, which begins this evening at 6:00 pm. To celebrate, I wanted to share some recent articles that capture the positive impacts of TYA on its participants and challenge the negative image of TYA ( and "children's theatre") that often exist outside of the field.

How have you experienced the impact of TYA? What does TYA mean to you? What are your visions of the future for TYA?

If you are attending the conference this weekend, we look forward to the dialogue that we will have surrounding these questions and more. Whether you are planning to attend or not, please check out the following articles and share your thoughts here.

PS - I will continue to blog throughout the weekend and plan to provide insights, reactions, questions, and other musings throughout the day. Please follow along and feel free to share your comments, questions, etc.