Social networking and TYA

There are many ways in which a theatre company can incorporate the "latest" technology into their work. Generally, this may be done as a technical element within a play, but social networking sites have given rise to a new way of marketing and branding for the theatre. Recently there have been some online articles written about the use of technology as a way to engage a young audience and draw them into the theatre.

Are social networks an ideal means to marketing theatre, specifically TYA, or is it a piece in the larger puzzle of marketing in general? And, to quote a recent post on the NYU Forum for TYA's Facebook page: "In terms of TYA, though, is it ethical to market toward minors? Or should promotional material be directed toward parents?"

This is a topic that may surface at the NYU Forum on TYA this coming weekend. In the meantime, here are two articles for your consideration. Take a look and let us know what you think.

"Theatre turns to Facebook to bring a younger audience through the doors." by Dalya Alberge and published in The Guardian on 21 April, 2012. (

Additionally, there was the article "Tweet Seats Deserved to be Booed Out of the Theatre." by Curt Hopkins, which was published on the Ars Technica website in late March 2012 (